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evogt500 wrote:

walter g1 wrote:

Ivan983 wrote:

Wondering how would you sort this from best and so on. Want to get a 50mm for my GX85 and have a slight dilemma.

Mostly looking into vintage budget primes.(i am ok with manual for stills). Will be using it mostly for street, travel everyday shooting i guess. Aware that 35mm would be better for that but as for now, determined to get my first prime 50mm.

Nikkor-S Auto 1.4/50

On a budget I'd choose the

Nikkor-H Auto 2/50 instead.

MC Rokkor PF 1.4/50

No such lens.

MC Rokkor PG 1.4/50

I prefer the MDi 1.4/50 instead

Much lighter lens. Still pretty reasonable.

OP probably meant Rokkor PF 58/1.4.

Very possible, and if so the MCii version is the best version. Nice lens if you can get one cheap. I have one I use on my Nex 6.

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