Search for the cheap new aps-c to adapt

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Search for the cheap new aps-c to adapt

I have not been buying many lenses as is well known - our dollar bumps around being worth just 65 US cents at the moment although it is much better with the GBP than it was historically when I was a lad - AUD$2 will buy about GBP1.06. But moaning is no use ...

It is possible that some Chinese vendors are ignoring the US$ and doing a direct conversion to AUD$ because I have just bought a Neewer 85/1.8 in EF mount locally for AUD$116 freight free. Ignoring the delivery freight (by courier no less) but allowing for our GST that would be AUD$105 and the net after say AUD$15 implied freight must be getting close to US$60.

So what is the attraction besides price? Well in is aps-c and manual focus in EF mount. But I just happen to have a dumb EF-M4/3 focal reduction adapter made by RJ.

The fact is that aps-c puts its full image circle on the 4/3 sensor when focal reduced. In an era where the clamour has been to try and get legacy 135 film capable lenses back on their “proper image circle” sensors it is oft forgotten that the aps-c fits nicely on 4/3 when focal reduced.

Focal reduced I have a 60mm f1.2 or 120/1.2 FF fov eq. Does it work - yes it does seem to be able to take photographs in the dark that are reasonable. I have not fully explored the lens as of yet but it seems reasonably good.

It has its quirks. It comes with reasonable solid build quality, a claim of MC that I have no reason to disbelieve, a quite acceptable strong hood already screwed into place that is not reversible but can be removed. It is supplied with a 72mm cap that fits on the mounted hood. The aperture has discreet soft clicks but is unusually marked 22-10-6-4.5-3.5-3-2.5-1.8 The lens extends to focus with smooth action.

So what do I have? Cheap bottom feeding adapted thrills with no scuff marks, dirty lenses, fungus, delamination, dust, has perfect focus action, and no aperture issues. And delivered to my door for no more really than the oft asked GSP freight ex-US.

The only issue is that this particular lens is a rare bird as dumb EF made for the aps-c image circle and therefore a standout to be focal reduced to M4/3. It has the advantage of the focal reduction capability over other aps-c lenses made for Sony E mount and directly remounted to M4/3.

This lens is sold under all sorts of product names and “unbranded” as well. For Nikon and Canon mounts “Kelda”, “Lovoski” “Jintu” and (expensively and coy about the “aps-c” business) “Opteka”. It is also available as remounted and sold as Sony E. I am sure that I hvae seen other branded names in th epast.

In the meantime I cannot find it anywhere as cheap as I bought it - but one site offered it at the same price if you bought four of them  Looks like I was “quite fast” ....

If anyone else knows of cheap dumb modern lenses made for aps-c in EF mount I could be quite interested.

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