D800 fine focus adjust πŸ€”

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Re: D800 fine focus adjust πŸ€”

Set the whole rig up on a tripod and with the target well fixed as well. Even very minor wobbles are going to throw it off.

Furthermore, you need to do it under lighting of different color temperatures. With any phase detect focus system where a mirror is involved, this affects the plane of focus estimated by the AF system. For example, four Nikon bodies in a row that I owned had misadjustments to the AF mirror angle, which with two D7000 bodies I had were bad enough to require service from Nikon. They were "true" under 5500 Kelvin light (sunny daylight) but front-focused under bright cloud (which is a 7000 Kelvin or so, a blue tint to it), and back-focused badly under incandescent (typically 2500 to 3000 Kelvin). And under lights that cycle (e.g. some florescent, stadium lights) it was all over the place depending on what the color balance of the light was at the time. Nikon were at first very obtuse about this; only when I pointed out the differing performance under different lighting conditions, especially the contrast between sunlight performance and incandescent performance did they finally twig. Part of the problem is at the time they were only measuring their adjustments in 5500 Kelvin light--whereas for an accurate job you need for the camera to pass quality control at two distinctly different lighting points.

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