D800 fine focus adjust 🤔

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Re: D800 fine focus adjust 🤔

Need a bit more info:

Presumably you were shooting hand held? At the focusing distances used, even slight head movement that you were not aware of could impact the results. Use a tripod please.

Presumably you were focusing on the "30", but you did not say. You need to state what you were focusing on.

And you did not say which image was the one shot without fine focusing adjustments.

I also assume that you were using single point focusing and the selected point was the center. But again, you need to state this so that this reviewer (and others) knows this for sure.

Presumably you were shooting wide open with whatever lens you were using.

What lens were you using? Something like a f1.4 prime lens shot at 1.4 would be recommended for such a test.

If I were you, I would do the same test with another fast prime to see if that lens produces the same or very similar results for the same fine tuning settings.

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