Canon 5d Mark 2 and Canon 70d

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Re: Canon 5d Mark 2 and Canon 70d

psychelica wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

Tannin wrote:

Bit less armchair theorising and a bit less pixel peeping and a bit more practical picture taking would be useful here.

This isn't theorizing. It is cold, hard, objective reality. Take the same photo with the 5D2 and almost any new camera, and the 5D2 will have more noise at high ISOs and in low ISO shadows.

Please detach your ego from you camera body or sensor size, and stop giving false hope to people who want to believe the myth of automatic, overall FF superiority. It seems to be of no concern to people like you that some people might be looking to a FF camera for something that the body in question really won't deliver. I want people to have better information before making decisions.

Good advice of course but that wasn't my rationale. I wanted to know if instead of getting a new 30mm lens for the 90D, would I be better buying a secondhand 5D mark 2 and using my 50mm Sigma lens on it? This would mean I would get the same result, for more or less the same price, but have a second full frame camera. As I said, unfortunately the 5D mark 2 I was looking at has been sold but they should come up for sale again.

If that's your intended scope (portraits in good light), then the 5D2 can blur the background more with less image-level noise, with about 1.6x the focal length with an f/1.4 lens. Once you get away from that type of scenario, then the 5D2 benefits can disappear, and the 5D2 may be noisier. My 6D has less noise than my 5D2 did, and I wouldn't even consider the 6D over my 90D for most of what I do. The 90D gives more resolution and less noise with a lens of about the same entrance pupil size, like 17-55/2.8 on the 90D vs 24-105/4 on the 6D. The 6D is purely for very shallow DOF with fast lenses, and large rectilinear angles of view, and capturing the full image circle of my fish-eye lens.

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