Sony A7 mk iii vs Fuji XT-3...which system to invest in for student/entry professional

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Re: Sony A7 mk iii vs Fuji XT-3...which system to invest in for student/entry professional

gonzophoto wrote:

Hi all,

Long time reader, first time poster here. I realize this debate has been beaten to death and there is probably no "right" answer, but after combing forums and web I still don't have a good idea about which system is best for my here goes.

I've been shooting m4/3 for years (Olympus OM-D, Panasonic Lumix G85) and recently bought a Nikon D750 for studio work. While each has its obvious benefits and drawbacks, I just really don't love the bulkiness of full frame DSLRS. I purchased mine since I'm taking studio lighting courses and it avoids the EVF issues with mirrorless cameras while shooting in studio settings. I only use the D750 in the studio, and carry my Lumix when out shooting on the street.

The thing is, it's a lot of gear (and frankly money) to have two separate systems. I want to bridge the gap and am considering purchasing either a used Sony A7 iii or Fujifilm XT-3. Either would be great for bridging the portability/professional quality gap and I think could carry me into doing the professional studio (product, portraiture) and on location (architecture, food & bev) work that I'm interested in doing.

So here's the question: Which system is a better investment for someone looking to transition into professional work? I'd love to hear thoughts about the advantages and disadvantages of each system in the following arenas:

a) Affordability over the long term...which system has more options at better prices? Seems to me that Fuji bodies are lower cost than Sony, while lenses are slightly more.

b) Lens quality for the price...I understand Fuji lenses are clear winners on quality, but with more affordable third party options available for Sony, does this take the edge? I've also read Sony glass has issues with dust infiltrating. I would ideally invest in a good pro mid range zoom, and two or three fast primes.

c) Upgradeability/body change...i.e., which system would be better to upgrade to a next gen (xt-4, a9 etc) body while taking the glass I've invested in along the way with me? And, which system would be better to buy a second body as a backup to use with the same lenses?

d) Use in the studio...I believe (could be wrong) Sony is more widely used in professional settings. Why is this? If Fuji glass is so much better, why do more studio photographers work with Sony? Which system has the better solution for dealing with EVF preview being too dark to use in a studio setting?

e) High speed sports photography...not a predominant factor, but I'm interested in shooting some combat sports (muay thai, mma) and seeing where that takes me.

f) I'd be remiss to not include video in this shootout, so let's hear it. Not particularly a concern for me, but nice to have the better option.

g) OK, OK, considering the above factors, is there a reason full frame or APS-C would be better for my needs?

Looking forward to hearing all of your (constructive) thoughts. Let the games begin....

Stick to your D750. You will miss it when you sell it! But if you are dead set on changing systems, I would stay with full-frame, so get the Sony!

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