macbook pro 16inches. Fan issue with Lightroom Classic

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Chester McCheeserton Forum Member • Posts: 88
Re: macbook pro 16inches. Fan issue with Lightroom Classic

I"m having the same issue and it's very disconcerting.  30,000 42 megapixel raws on external 7200 spinning drive, one week old 16 inch mbp with 32 gig ram, 2 tb ssd, catalog is on internal drive...even paid extra for the good graphics processor...

I don't have any local adjustments in LR on my raws - just markups and overall moves, but any sort of going through the catalog, zooming in to 100%, doing the regular stuff I do to edit, is causing the fans to go and the area on computer above keyboard to get super hot...just increased camera raw cache to 200 and tried disabling  the graphics card, and like the OP, no difference....super bummed about this, am not even running an external monitor or other peripherals yet.

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