macbook pro 16inches. Fan issue with Lightroom Classic

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Re: macbook pro 16inches. Fan issue with Lightroom Classic

Matt86 wrote:

Hi all,

my apologies if the subject has been already discussed but this is something that drives me crazy especially after having paid a new macbookpro 6 thousand dollars.

My mbp has the following features:

  • 64 GB of RAM
  • 2.4 GHz 9-core ninth genration Intel Core i9 with Turbo Boost up to 5.0 GHz
  • AMD Radeon Pro 5500M with 8GB of GDDR6 memory
  • 1TB of SSD storage

I use photoshop CC, final cut pro in a professional use and I have no issues at all. As soon as I use Lightroom Classic and I start using some brushes or filters or few sliders the fan of the macbook pro starts and it sounds like an airplane ready for take off.

Obviously the mac gets slow straight away and to work on a RAW file of 30 something mb becomes very hard.

I wonder if it is my computer or a problem related to Lightroom Classic.

I'd say it's a problem related to Lightroom as, as I mentioned above, I do other milion things with my mac and I have never heard the fan working full revs.

My mac is connected to a Benq SW270c 2k external monitor through USB-C port.

My lightroom catalogue is on an external SSD samsung

The cache has been increased up to 200GB

The original photos are on an SSD

The catalogue includes arouns 70,000 pictures.

Don't know if you need any other info, but I really need your help.



Definitively sounds to me like some high res previews being built. I also have a 2019 BPM, i9, 32GB Ram and 2TB HD, and I hardly feel any fan speeding up unless I'm exporting images.

Regarding the lightroom catalogs. Even with a thunderbolt 3 cable, an external USD drive will never be as fast as the internal flash drive. I'd say keep the photos on the external SSD, but the catalog should be on your internal drive for sure.

BTW, I recently cleaned the fans and the internals by removing the back cover. Is not easy to do, and you need special tools for it, which I do have. I though that being a new computer, bought at the end of January, the fans would have not had the chance to catch dust, and I was completely wrong. The fans were dirty, and the whole computer inside had some dust here and there. Definitively noticeable. There were even some dust stains on the side vents as well.

If you don't have the tools, or don't feel to do it yourself, power it down first and try blasting some canned air from the back, so that air goes out of the side panel, since there are a couple heat sinks that might get some dust trapped if you do it the other way around. Just watch the sides when you blast the air. You'll be surprised to the amount of dust that can get out of it.

I don't think the Apple stores are open yet, but you can also take it to the genius bar for a cleanup. They should be able to do it, although I don't trust any basic cleaning job to anyone, since I come from IT, so I know what I'm doing.

Now it runs pretty quiet and a lot cooler than before. Worth a try.

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