Which telephoto lens for taking birds?

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Re: Which telephoto lens for taking birds?

adonetok wrote:

I have a Canon 90D camera and want to take photos for birds.

Which telephoto lens is good to buy?

Canon or Sigma?

Do I need a big number like 500mm above?

On an APS-C body, bare min would be 400mm.  Canon 100-400 f/4-5.6 L II has gotten extremely good reviews.  You can save some money & weight with the Sigma & Tamron alternatives, but 1) they are a tad slower (smaller max aperture) and IQ isn't reported to be as good as the Canon.

There are also 150-600mm options from Tamron & Sigma, but again the IQ in the range they overlap the Canon isn't quite as good.  Report are that the Canon with Canon's latest 1.4x converter is quite good.

Then of course there are the super-teles like Canon's 500mm f/4 L II.  It's a fantastic lens but comes with a fantastic price.

Depends a lot on what your budget is, and what type of bird photos you will be taking.  There are a lot of birders here with much more experience than I who I'm sure will be responding as well.


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