Role of sensor in color rendering?

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Re: capture one's skin tone tool . . .

lélé wrote:

Siobhan_K wrote:

. . . was made for you.

as jim and others have pointed out, raw conversion methodology and practice matters, here--possibly more than any other factor, including sensor cfa design.

if you are so serious--and particular--about your color that you are measuring and designing your own sensor profiles, that you are measuring white balance for black-body-radiation "accuracy" rather than for personal preference, then clearly it's time to become at least that much involved, conversant, skilled in your raw conversion methodology.

if you're concerned about hue variation over skin tones (or any color region) in your raw conversion, capture one is the converter you need to be using. because it offers the ability to edit hue, saturation, and luminance uniformity for any hue-saturation-luminance region you select. and it's not a major edit. it's easy, it's fast. you drop your mouse on the skin tone you want, you push the hue variation slider to lessen that hue region's degree of "drift" toward red or green over any breadth of saturation and luminance you'd like.

take a look.


Thanks for your feedback.

I certainly do not pretend to have any particular skill with Capture One Pro, but I used to use it and I'm quite familiar with their colors tool. I can only agree: it's excellent!

I gave a try to version 20 of Capture One Pro recently and was hesitating to buy it for the very reasons you mentionned.

capture one pro has offered color uniformity control since version 7? or 6? it's not new to version 20.

to be clear, the uniformity tool is distinct from the advanced color editing tool. you don't use it to select a hue-sat-lum range and then shift it (although you can if you want); rather, you use the uniformity tool to select a hue-sat-lum range and alter the degree of hue-sat-lum variation within that range. which is the exact thing you are complaining about and wish to correct in your images--the degree of hue variation in your skin tones.

but if you were "quite familiar" with it . . . well. huh. worth a try.

good luck!

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