Role of sensor in color rendering?

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JimKasson wrote:

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What I dislike the most in this illustration and looks like what I get in many, many, of my shots is the color variations in the area around her mouth. Especially the small area below her inferior lips.

Now I see it. I agree that it looks greenish, not necessarily because it is; probably because it is surrounded by pink and red - but it does look unnatural.

Yeah, might be the reason why it looks 'too green' to me!

If so, that's the simultaneous contrast issue that Iliah mentioned earlier.

Yes, got it.

By the way, there are imperfect standard observers for constant-color fields, but, AFAIK, there are no standard models for simultaneous contrast color effects, and it is certainly possible (and I think, likely) that the quantitative effects are different in different people. This would not be detected by any color normalcy testing that I know of.


For the purpose of distinguishing such situations with perceived colour shifts when there are none I use Munsell Chroma. If the difference is in Chroma (which is colour purity), but not in Hue, the perceived colour error is due to simultaneous contrast. Another scenario is when Chroma and Hue are the same, but Value differs.

I also use deep display hoods and control the viewing conditions, apart from monitor calibration

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