Role of sensor in color rendering?

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Re: done!

Iliah Borg wrote:

lélé wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

lélé wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

lélé wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

lélé wrote:

Here is what it's looks like converted with a matrix only color profile, then exported to sRGB:

With color patches (from 11*11px average):

link to full resolution :

Do that again and put in the Lab values.

Here it is:

The hue angle shifts in the darker of the skin sample pairs are towards yellow, not green.

That could be due to the lighting. I don't find them offensive. Are you sure you're color-normal?


Not affended at all.
My professional activities include training, with a vast majority of male worker, so this is something I'm precautious with.
(When you realize your trainee cannot read your graph... )


Yes, I'm am color normal. I was checked several times, including for my former work, it was mandatory for some of my activities.

In this particular example, it may be the lighting. Too many unknowns.
Like I said, this example is used as an illustration only.

The reason I asked is that I would not consider the darker skin samples to be greenish, and it they don't measure greenish.

May be monitor calibration, may be simultaneous contrast. I would first check the calibration, because on my monitor I don't see any shift to green.

We can battle on words

I have no intention of playing games.

Sorry, I did not want to be offensive.

I'm OK with forum members correcting/precising my statments, especially coming from valuable forum members like you or Jim. But I just don't want the discussion to focus on that exclusively..

do you see a shift?

I see nothing out of ordinary.

I'll try to find other examples...

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