Role of sensor in color rendering?

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Iliah Borg wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

lélé wrote:

JimKasson wrote:

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JimKasson wrote:

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Here is what it's looks like converted with a matrix only color profile, then exported to sRGB:

With color patches (from 11*11px average):

link to full resolution :

Do that again and put in the Lab values.

Here it is:

The hue angle shifts in the darker of the skin sample pairs are towards yellow, not green.

That could be due to the lighting. I don't find them offensive. Are you sure you're color-normal?


Not affended at all.
My professional activities include training, with a vast majority of male worker, so this is something I'm precautious with.
(When you realize your trainee cannot read your graph... )


Yes, I'm am color normal. I was checked several times, including for my former work, it was mandatory for some of my activities.

In this particular example, it may be the lighting. Too many unknowns.
Like I said, this example is used as an illustration only.

The reason I asked is that I would not consider the darker skin samples to be greenish, and it they don't measure greenish.

May be monitor calibration, may be simultaneous contrast. I would first check the calibration, because on my monitor I don't see any shift to green.

We can battle on words...yellow or green, or even yellowish-green or greenish-yellow if you you see a shift?

Does this shift looks okay?
For example in the area below the lips (the one that illustrates the best what I see in my own shots).

As for how it looks in person for me: quite the same on my desktop monitor (calibrated), my laptop monitor (calibrated too, RGB OLED, looks more saturated in the shadows though, I'd imagine due to deeper blacks) and my iPad Pro (factory colors).

In fact, they are within the range of hue angles that I measured with my i1Pro3:

What is puzzling me is that I noticed such shift in a vast majority of my shots. With direct sunlight, in the shadow, in extrior, in interior, with flash...

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