Show Your Snaps...May 18, 2020

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Re: No Rain!

Nice photos Rocket!  Really sharp.

Mine, not so much.  Took these through the patio door as not to chase the birds away.

The following two are heavy crops, but I thought it was entertaining to watch this birs (House Wren ?) trying to get a twig into a birdhouse to build its nest.  took about 5-6 tries before it figured out to put it in sideways.

Nope, ain't gonna fit

Hmmm!  Still no go.

This is the first time we've seen Baltimore Orioles in our yard.  There's a male, female and a juvenile male showing up to feed.  House finches like the oranges also.

A pair of Ruby Breasted Grosbeaks are also frequent visitors, although this one was quite shy at the time.

Once to Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, I hope to get out and did some birding.

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