Buying the X-T4 - but which kit lens

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Re: Buying the X-T4 - but which kit lens

Jimmmy wrote:

My experience with the 16-80 has not been wonderful. I ordered an X-T3 with the 16-80 kit, love the body, and have got some great results, but not with the 16-80. Did way better with my 16mm f/1.4 prime, the 23mm f/2 prime, and my trusty 18-55mm "kit" lens. So I'm returning the X-T3 kit with the 16-80 lens and looking for an X-T3 or X-T4 body. Was not satisfied with detail, color, contrast, and dynamic range of the 16-80 lens. Noticed it is made in the Philippines, not Japan -- not sure whether that is a factor or concern, or I just did not get a wonderful specimen. YMMV.

I can understand you weren't satisfied by the detail, color or contrast, but dynamic range actually lies in the sensor and not the lens

And when a Fuji camera or lens is "made in the philippines" or "made in china" it simply means it was assembled there, it was still designed and developed in Japan.

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