Canon 5d Mark 2 and Canon 70d

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Re: Canon 5d Mark 2 and Canon 70d

SergioThor wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

The 5D2 is notorious for horizontal banding noise at both high ISOs and in base-ISO shadows. I've actually seen the banding at ISO 100 in out-of-camera JPEGs, without any push. Banding can be apparent as low as ISO 6400 in poor light colors, like outdoor shade.

I don't know how anyone can recommend this camera as noise-competitive with modern sensors. Even modern Rebels will do a better job in the shadows at high and low ISOs. The 5D2 is mainly useful for someone who wants the optical possibilities of the FF sensor, but will be using low ISOs well-exposed, and medium ISOs, without the need for low noise.

ohh no, how was i able to use this camera, dont even know /sarcasm

5Dmk2 is great camera to shoot, its old, some things are outdated, but if you learn it limitations, you will get job done

You can't present content/composition to prove imaging quality.  These images have a lot more noise than most more modern FF cameras would give.  That is why I said that this is a good way to get cheaply into the larger FF format, where with the right lenses you can get shallow DOF and wide rectilinear angles of view.  Even Canon's latest APS-C cameras have less noise, in the darker tones, and at very high ISOs, and especially for long exposures, where the 7D2 and 90D and have some of the lowest dark current noise in the industry at ambient temperatures.

To anyone going to the 5D2 because they think it has lower high-ISO noise or more DR because it is FF: forget about it.

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