changing aperture in GR 2 without up-down dial?

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Re: changing aperture in GR 2 without up-down dial?

what_i_saw wrote:

Off Thread but why not you investigate some other setup.

Thanks for the input! But I already have the GR 2, just arrived this month. Except for the dust issues, I just love the camera and have it set up perfectly for my needs. With the adapter, filter, and the taping off of other places on the camera I don't need, I believe I won't have the issues I had with the GR.

At least the new camera came with zero dust on sensor, even at f16. Only one burnt pixel, it seems.

I seem to recall that in the "Shooting" menu in the GR (first model) you could change the aperture, but now in the GR 2 I don't see this option. I wouldn't mind entering the menu to do this, if it would eliminate the need to use the up-down dial. I'm a slow shooter anyway, the majority of my shots are not of moving subjects, and I have the time.

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