Best x100f accessories?

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Re: Best x100f accessories?

First there are folks who are pro filters on the lens for protection and others who say why put another piece of glass which often isn't to the caliber of the glass on the camera. I don't use filters unless it is for a particular reason like ND's, graduated filters, polarizing filters, etc.

I echo getting the Lensmate thumb thingy.  I was often hitting stuff on the top and back pre-thumb thingy changing settings, and now I love using the camera post thumb thingy addition.

I use the camera for night photography and very often for night and day photography, sometimes not in the best of neighbour hoods. I use the Peak Design cuff strap (for the wrist) so that the camera can't be snatched from me.  And should I accidentally drop the camera, the drop becomes a non issue.  I use this strap on my X T1 and my Canon 5D mk 4 as well. I don't like neck straps.

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