Role of sensor in color rendering?

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Re: Role of sensor in color rendering?

Iliah Borg wrote:

lélé wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

lélé wrote:

From a practical perspective, I'm struggling to create color profiles with 'pleasant skin tones' for my Sony a7R IV and my former Sony a7 III.

I have also downloaded samples taken with Canon cameras. I have created a color profile from the Canon EOS R DPReview studio scene and Lumariver. I know that their CC24 is (at least) from 2013, so it may have faded. I also don't know the exact illuminant they use. But the idea behind was to create a 'neutral' profile, with no subjective adjustment except the tone curve.
I carrefully inspected the Canon EOS R samples using the created profile and did not notice the issues with skin tones.

Have you done the same for your Sony a7R IV and Sony a7 III ?

Could you please answer this one?

I answered you here:

Yes, but a7 III ColorChecker Passport only, while a7R IV ColorChecker Digital SG. Also I tried more illuminant for the a7R IV: direct sunlight, cloudy day, halogen...

a7III profile from CCP => no help

a7R IV profile from CCSG => does help, but does not solve the issue, plus I have to play with 'min. chromacity distance' and 'worst compression' settings (allowing more bends in the LUT if I understand correctly) to get a real improvement.

If the results are not to your liking, have you asked Lumariver technical support to help?

Yes, but as for the Sony a7 III since I sold it recently I only have color Passport Photo target shots to work with. Not enough skin tones patches to do anything good...

I'll try to email Anders Torger (developper of Lumariver); he was very helpful on other topics. But I don't thinks Lumariver is what causes the problem.

The problem may be in how the shots were taken. It always pays to send the raw files and ask.

I will follow your suggestion. Thanks!

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