Role of sensor in color rendering?

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Re: Role of sensor in color rendering?

lélé wrote:

Iliah Borg wrote:

lélé wrote:

From a practical perspective, I'm struggling to create color profiles with 'pleasant skin tones' for my Sony a7R IV and my former Sony a7 III.

I have also downloaded samples taken with Canon cameras. I have created a color profile from the Canon EOS R DPReview studio scene and Lumariver. I know that their CC24 is (at least) from 2013, so it may have faded. I also don't know the exact illuminant they use. But the idea behind was to create a 'neutral' profile, with no subjective adjustment except the tone curve.
I carrefully inspected the Canon EOS R samples using the created profile and did not notice the issues with skin tones.

Have you done the same for your Sony a7R IV and Sony a7 III ?

Could you please answer this one?

If the results are not to your liking, have you asked Lumariver technical support to help?

Yes, but as for the Sony a7 III since I sold it recently I only have color Passport Photo target shots to work with. Not enough skin tones patches to do anything good...

I'll try to email Anders Torger (developper of Lumariver); he was very helpful on other topics. But I don't thinks Lumariver is what causes the problem.

The problem may be in how the shots were taken. It always pays to send the raw files and ask.

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