Role of sensor in color rendering?

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Re: Role of sensor in color rendering?

Iliah Borg wrote:

lélé wrote:


  • I'm a hobbyist, with limited technical background on that particular topic...but eager to learn!:)
  • I'm not a native English speaker, so my wording may be inacurate not only because of my lack of technical knowledge, but also language/translation issues.
  • That said, I think I roughly understand the overall idea and differences behind 'colorimetry', 'color appearance' and 'pleasant colors'.
  • I don't want to (re)start any brand war!



I was playing around with Lumariver Profile Designer, an X-Rite ColorChecker SG color target an my Sony a7R IV. I was very surprised to see the color differences in skin tones I got with 'matrix only' profile. Those were backing up impressions I got, like hue shifting to more 'greenish' when in the shadows.

I also played around with other cameras files, in particular Canon ones, and this issue was less noticeable.

I was wondering how the camera sensor, in particular the CFA design, could impact that.

Mays you have more info' ?

Yellow skin + bluish light to shadows -> greenish reflection. That's what will be a result from a matrix optimized for some colour reproduction accuracy. One can slightly reduce the effect by CFA design, but not without trade-offs.

Matrix transforms are usually not all what you want to use in raw conversion, because of this and other similar problems.

Thanks for your reply.

The reason why I checked pictures with matrix only profile is because I wanted to see what it looked like before LUT color correction. Of couse, outside of this particular testing confifuraiton, I use a profile with a LUT.

Unfortunately, even with a LUT, it's far from perfect. A least to my eyes. It seems that colors that are pretty similar have different shifts, so it's difficut to correct...

Another problem I ran into is these two cameras (a7 III and a7R IV) show a lot of variation in skin tones rendering depending on the illuminant. I was very surprised how completely off the skin tones looked with an AD200Pro flash, despite careful WB adjustment with a target.

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