Buyers beware, shady business

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Re: Buyers beware, shady business

Christian Scarlet wrote:

This screams user error.

It wasn't user error.  Although I think the OP was a bit harsh, his frustration was legit.  After reading the OP (when it was first posted) I was able to get to and download the software, but the link provided to get the license key did not work.  I tried a few days later and it still didn't work, but the main site page still worked.

Now two weeks later I find that none of the pages work, and it appears they have changed domains to "".  The have a few links on the new site directing long time users to log into the "old" site at, but those links don't work either.

So, it was nice of them to offer the product for free for a while, but I'm not sure how many people actually got to use it.  This of course hasn't stopped them from sending me their email newsletter.

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