Role of sensor in color rendering?

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Re: Role of sensor in color rendering?

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  • I'm a hobbyist, with limited technical background on that particular topic...but eager to learn!:)
  • I'm not a native English speaker, so my wording may be inacurate not only because of my lack of technical knowledge, but also language/translation issues.
  • That said, I think I roughly understand the overall idea and differences behind 'colorimetry', 'color appearance' and 'pleasant colors'.
  • I don't want to (re)start any brand war!



I was playing around with Lumariver Profile Designer, an X-Rite ColorChecker SG color target an my Sony a7R IV. I was very surprised to see the color differences in skin tones I got with 'matrix only' profile. Those were backing up impressions I got, like hue shifting to more 'greenish' when in the shadows.

I also played around with other cameras files, in particular Canon ones, and this issue was less noticeable.

I was wondering how the camera sensor, in particular the CFA design, could impact that.

Mays you have more info' ?

The CFA dyes/pigments affect the color rendering. They are not the most important thing that affects colors in the final image; the raw development is more important.

If cameras obeyed the Luther-Ives condition, and saw colors in a way that can be directly related to the way that color-normal humans see them, cameras would all see color in the same way. But they don't.

I agree that RAW conversion profiles have far more influence on 'pleasing' colour reproduction than camera filters, but the further it deviates from LI condition, the harder it is to achieve a good result for all hues.

Tri-stimulus colour spaces don't replicate human vision either - but if a display/printer is calibrated properly it should at least be hue accurate for the range of colours it can display. sRGB also hides some of the worst issues with extreme hue angles that might appear with wide colour spaces.

If Rec.2020 ever becomes implemented on monitors, colour accuracy is going to be a lot more troublesome with a lot of cameras.

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