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Why don't you separate out your vacation camera from the rest of your stuff. Purchase something used, I would suggest something in the Fuji line purchased used. Look for a Fuji camera that is one or two generations behind now. There are some smaller cameras Fuji makes that are perfect for the task.

Here is one article discussing Fuji cameras and travel. I bought two years ago the X T1 when the X T3 was introduced. I knew fanboys would get rid of excellent cameras to get the newest and bestest camera. I got the X T1 at a decent price, updated the firmware (which you need to do with this camera) and I had an excellent companion.

I also acquired the X 100f which is the perfect street photography and travel camera. But this camera is pricey. Its the poor man's Leica. But for a man who isn't that

The other route you could go is get an older smaller Rebel series camera and use your 17 to whatever lens with it.

I used a Rebel XSi a while ago with just a 35mm prime on it and I took that combo all over wine country in British Columbia.  There are compromises with a prime lens but I really like a small package when travelling and I'll give up convenience with multiple lenses for portability.

For travel I like a 35mm that is fast as I take many night time shots in cities, towns, restaurants and other interesting locations.

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