Having both Oly (EM5.3) and Pana (G9): exposure on Oly

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Re: Having both Oly (EM5.3) and Pana (G9): exposure on Oly

ChristianC1975 wrote:

pannumon wrote:

The basic settings considering brightness of the image are metering mode, and exposure compensation. Depending on the (PASM) mode you are shooting, you may also need to check that shutter speed, F-number and ISO value are not fixed to values that cause overexposure in the conditions you are in. Are you familiar with these?

Yes, I am familiar with the basics- user error is still likely but not that basic one

thanks for covering all bases.

I thought so. But if the problem is not with the basics, then the conclusion is that there is something wrong with the camera (design, or a physical problem). Have you tried electronic shutter? Overexposed images can be a sign of mechanical shutter not working properly. If using electronic shutter solves the problem, then it is quite clear that the mechanical shutter is damaged.

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