Modern classic style lenses rivaling the vintage ones

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Re: Modern classic style lenses rivaling the vintage ones

lattesweden wrote:

I have been noting that vintage lens prices are on the way up in general and also already before that many vintage lenses had price tags higher than what modern lenses of the same focal length and speed has.

There are also many modern lenses made in different parts of the world that follow a classic theme in their design (optical construction), be it manual focus or autofocus.

If one seeks just that, and the only requirement is that the lens has a classic style rendering and is mountable (native or adapted) on Sony fullframe E-mount and is available to buy new, which ones are then worth checking into?

Thanks and best regards from Sweden!
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You don't have to like my pictures, but it would help:

I had a Leica 28mm f/2.0 SUMMICRON-M Aspherical Lens at one point, but didn't keep it. Yes, it did increase (a lot) in value.

see eg.

This lens had both a 'pop' and a 'rendering' that I haven't been able to reproduce with some newer lenses (and cameras).

Other lenses, eg. I still have the ZEISS Biogon T* 35mm f/2 ZM Lens, which has since been superseded by the Loxia line. Loxia's have more corner sharpness (they adapt to the sensor glass thickness), but the Biogon is supersharp in the center.

I would stay away from either, I'd consider Batis instead.

Many of the f/1.4 lenses are overrated, imho, I'd surmise, but if you shoot at f/1.4, they do give that specific 'classic' rendering.

Modern lenses are more 'clinical', which is technically 'more accurate'. Bokeh is very personal, as this depends on your style and preferred focal length. Some (?) older lenses were designed in 'pairs' - e.g. one to be used wide-open and one (slower) to be used stopped-down, and they were optimized for that usage. As a result, the newer lenses - which actually are 'better' compensated miss some of this character.

I am still holding on to a set of 'classics', but don't use them often.

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