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Re: First and only 'proper' camera

Robinson13 wrote:

Hi, I'm looking to buy my first 'proper' camera and from what I've read so far (which is an awful lot over the last couple of weeks) I'm quite taken with the Ricoh GRIII. Then I saw this camera, the Fuji. Does anyone here have any experience with both cameras? I really want a camera that I can 'pocket', takes great images (obviously), not so concerned about video but that is fairly easy to use and has a gentle learning curve.

If such a thing exists?

If you're referring to the Fujifilm X100V, my suggestion is think again. According to dpreview's review for the X100V, there is "No stabilization of any kind".  I would NEVER buy a camera that does not have image stabilization.  I don't know how dpreview can give the X100V a "Gold Award" without it having image stabilization.

Both the GR III and the X100V do not have any optical zoom.  Do you really want a "camera" without optical zoom?

The GR III does not have a built-in flash. Do you want a camera without a built-in flash?  Plus the GR III does not have a built-in viewfinder.  It only has an "optional" optical viewfinder.

Without owning either camera, I would never consider buying either one.  But that's just me.  Other's mileage will vary.


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