Using A7r2 for Zoom calls?

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Re: Using A7r2 for Zoom calls?

Parisian wrote:

Is it possible to use it for zoom video conferences? Any step by step guide will be appreciated!

First easy option is something like the Elgato Cam Link (and 4K version). Its a HDMI to USB adapter that registers itself as a webcam on the OS. Zoom will see it without any other software.

Second option is other HDMI to USB adapters (just search on a tech gear shop and read reviews). Most of these may not appear as a webcam by default. See solution below.

Third option if you want really good quality is a PCI capture card. I use the Blackmagic Designs Intensity Pro 4K. The advantage of a card like this is that you can capture input in 10 bit raw video if your source can provide it. You will still need a solution to make this appear as a webcam.

There is also an option to just use a USB cable to your camera, load Sony Imaging Edge to tether the display of USB, then use the steps below to crop the view in OBS.

How to make a capture device appear as a webcam to Zoom:

  1. Install OBS Studio
  2. Install VirtualCAm plugin for OBS
  3. Load OBS and create a scene
  4. Add a "Source" to the scene that matches your capture device.
    1. "Blackmagic Device" for the Intensity Pro 4K
    2. "Video Capture Device" for sources that support windows capture
    3. "Window Capture" to capture the content of any window on your machine, including tethering software.
      1. In this options, you may need to stretch/crop the window to avoid showing the UI of the tethering software in your virtual camera. If you press ALT while dragging the edges of the scene source, it will crop instead of resize
  5. Go to Tools..VirtualCam menu and click "Start" to begin simulating a webcam with the currently selected scene.
  6. Open Zoom and choose "OBS-Camera" (or whichever virtual cam name you used).

Hope that helps.

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