Sony A7 mk iii vs Fuji XT-3...which system to invest in for student/entry professional

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Re: 'Re: Sony A7 mk iii vs Fuji XT-3...which system to invest in for student/entry professional

Thanks!  I ended up going with the X-T3 as I found a crazy good deal on a kit with 200 shutter actuations, battery grip and 16-80mm for $1700 (craigslist).

So far I'm very, very happy.  This camera reminds me why the best camera is always the one you love to use the most.  You'll get great results when your instrument feels like an extension of your creativity, as opposed to just a tool in your hand.  Night and day with my Nikon and Panasonic systems that I'll be selling off.

The Japanese-ness of the build is off the charts.  Makes me think of a recent Malcom Gladwell "paidcast" where he spends 5 episodes talking about Lexus, which is frankly much more interesting than it sounds.  He goes into a lot of detail about the Japanese attention to detail in design, especially when it comes to the subtle details of the window closing at the apex with a soft "thwup".  The 16-80mm lens, while not even one of their top of the line, has the most satisfying tactile feel when extending the focal range.  Every lens I've ever used has a distinct plastic-on-plastic feel when the lens hits its range limits.  Not the stops with a gentle little thud like the mechanism is padded.  I also forgot about the joy of changing aperture with a lens ring, since I last picked up a 35mm camera over a decade ago.

So far the image stabilization in the lens seems to work just fine for slower shutter speeds.  For stills photography, pretty sure the X-T3 has an edge over the X-T4 in that you can get one for almost half the price if you're willing to forgo the IBIS and flippy screen on the X-T4.

Only complaint is really the small grip, but I knew that going in.  With the battery grip added on it feels really great.  I'll probably invest in a grip extender with an L bracket for every day use.

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