Buying the X-T4 - but which kit lens

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Re: Bundled lens -no, just bought the body only.

I'm thinking that, IMHO, your assumptions and expectations regarding the 16-55 might be a little exaggerated.

Visually, it might look like a monster on an X body. Like a Canon or Nikon 24-70 f2.8 on one their small FF bodies.

I don't know what you are used to carrying around. Have you spent a lot of time walking around with one of those Nikon or Canon kits?

If you have, and then picked up 16-55 on an X body, you'll realize that the whole Fuji kit (lens and body) is about the same size as just the Canon or Nikon lens itself, and weights less too.

The 16-55 is not much bigger\heavier than the 16-80 on an X. And while the 18-55 is a lot lighter and few inches shorter, that still is not a P&S set up. It's not going to fit in any pocket.

I've carried the Nikon and Canon set up on many family vacations and outings. I never would have let someone use it to take a group shot: this is not an inexpensive P&S that if dropped would likely survive the fall, or could be easily replaced at a nearby Best Buy or Walmart.

The X T bodies are a step down in weight from full size DSLR's, especially with their fast zooms. But they are a lot bigger than some other options.

So the way I view these, the X T4 with a 16-55 or 16-80 in reality is not be much of an issue in weight and size, and neither combination is going to be of much if any notice as far as size and weight walking around.  You'd need to go to the 18-55 to really notice a difference.

I started with an X T2 and the 18-55. Now have the X T4 and 16-55. If I pick up one and then the other, sure the difference is noticeable at the moment. Walking around, even the 16-55 is negligible compared to a Canon or Nikon set up.

Neither your back or neck (unless you hang it off your neck) is going to notice.

Michael Berg wrote:

Hi Marcos,

Thanks for your detailed reply, I appreciate it. I still haven't quite made up my mind about this.

- My GAS is solutely screaming for the 16-55/2.8 for its optical quality paired with the X-T4 IBIS. I want it, badly.

- My arms and back are telling me to stop this silly nonsense and get the 18-55/2.8-4. My smallish photo backpack concurs. Also will I really bring this anvil of a lens along for a family trip? If I ask anyone to take a group photo of us, they won't be able to lift the camera. Oh dear.

- My brain is distracted by the 16-80 which is more versatile than the 18-55, and of probably mostly similar optical quality. That focus wobble though...

- My creativity is saying screw those lenses and think about all the nice M42 vintage stuff I have in my drawer already.

- My wallet is not saying much. I think it's dead.

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