Upgrade options: Fuji X-T4 vs Nikon Z6

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Re: Upgrade options: Fuji X-T4 vs Nikon Z6

a_c_skinner wrote:

As you say the OP needs to balance needs. If he is after better IQ overall only a jump in sensor size and pixel count will do that. ISO performance a bigger sensor and similar pixel count would be best, but not transformative.

On ISO I was replying to this "Would shooting with a full frame camera help me keep the ISO lower". The answer is plainly no, it won't. Shutter speeds needed won't change if the framing is the same, the aperture might need to be smaller to get enough DoF so a little more ISO and that might negate any sensor level advantage.

Either way the OP won't find a huge gain from potentially staggering expenditure (by my standards at least!), so I do stick by my assertion that a gear enthusiast might favour the swap but a photographer won't. There is a dichotomy between people who buy cameras because they take photos and people who take photos to exercise their gear. Most people on here are between the extremes of course.

If the OP is going to be shooting in low light, okay maybe the ISO won’t drop, but the FF will indeed kick in when you start shooting at faster shutter speeds.  That’s one of FF qualities.  I’ve done it, I’ve seen it.

Either way you still need to look around and pick the right sensor because all camera makers make cameras with different capabilities and qualities.  Some excel at recovering highlights others kick butt at low light performance.

I have no idea what you personally consider “huge” and yeah I think I have an idea and I kind of agree with you when you say that you won’t see a huge difference but again, the APS-C image will in fact degrade more in low light, and it will be noticeable for sure.

You want to apply good technique with the APS-C then yes that is absolutely a fantastic idea and suggestion.  Apply the same technique with the FF sensor and you’ll still get better images.  I’m still sticking to my assertion based on experience.

If it was me doing this (as a hobby) my wife would definitely divorce me if I was to spend all that money on a FF system Just for fun so yeah I would definitely have negative gain 😃

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