Nikon D750 to Fuji Xt4?

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Re: Nikon D750 to Fuji Xt4?

I can compare the D750 to my X-T2, which is about 98 % similiar to the X-T3/4 in terms of IQ.

My findings are that any IQ differences are very hard to see, even at 100% on the screen. I´d deem that the D750´s files are probably a tad cleaner. I don´t shoot with higher than about 1600 ISO and in this range the differences are so small that they have no practical meaning.

But there are meaningful differences in other areas.

For one, the raw DR. While my X-T2 is no slouch, the D750 just rules here and it also has a better rendering of areas around blown highlights (like sunstars, where you can´t avoid them). So if you like to shoot with several stops of underexposure and pull up the shadows in post, you won´t get quite the same results with a Fuji.

There is no 28-300mm. This lens has some very decent IQ with the D750.

A Nikon 20mm 1.8 lens gives you the possibility to shoot close up "macros" with an interesting perspective and a shallow DOF. If you´re into that kind of photography, you need FF.  Same is true for a 2/35mm, the D-version is pretty cheap, but for Fuji you need the expensive 1.4 23mm version (but now we have the 1.4 23mm Viltrox).

So, it´s raw DR, the 28-300mm and fast wide primes.

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