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robgendreau wrote:


Yes, but make SURE to move the folders from WITHIN Lr. Otherwise it will lose them and you'll have to reconnect them; not that hard, but annoying. Moving them within Lr means no muss, no fuss. Note that if for some reason Lr won't see the external, then put a folder on the external and import it. Then it will show up for sure and you can delete that folder.

And you may have to reconnect with that external. Usually it only means pointing to the volume and it will find all the included folders.

Backup? well, if the location where those two backups and your Mac lives goes up in flames then no, two wasn't enough, and wasn't reliable. Off site is better for at least one. Or cloud, although tougher to restore those. Blue ray can last, but will your heirs fiddle with a blue ray player or just chuck your stuff in the bin? hard to say. Rotating hard drives works better for me, or online so that some company there can worry about that.


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