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Guy Parsons wrote:

Frdric BERNARD wrote:

I owned one. Great IQ, but I had too many problems with control wheels. I think a E-PL9 (as a second small camera) is just better now, unless you want to use a viewfinder (but in this case, you could go for the E-M10 iii).

The control wheels issue was very variable. My first E-P5 slowly went from flaky to totally dead dials over the period of a 6 weeks holiday. No problem, used it like my E-PL1 and got by. Fixed under warranty and perfect now for years.

My second E-P5 with a close serial number bought maybe 4 months later, dials perfect, still good after a few years.

Must have been a combination of a bad batch of top plates and just bad luck for the customer.

I purchased my E-P5 from the Olympus reconditioned site for $192 (best deal I have ever gotten). It experienced the dial skipping issue and Olympus fixed it under warranty and I have never had another issue. I have had it for 4 years.

I use my E-M1 more often (since I shot sports and wildlife most often) but for travel, events, walking around town, etc, I love the E-P5.

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