Easy-to-use APS-C travel and family camera at ~$500 to $1000 (Fuji X-A7?)

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Re: Easy-to-use APS-C travel and family camera at ~$500 to $1000 (Fuji X-A7?)

effer wrote:

This really depends on the upgrade path. In some ways I would be more happy with lens selection for Canon. Canon M has the same excellent Sigma trio. Canon has a lot less expensive UWA option (11-22mm) and better, less expensive street lens (22mm). For longer reach one can always use an adapter and existing EF glass with native performance. If Canon would offer a body with AF comparable to A6100, I would recommend it to all the beginners.

You should read the reviews for the M6 mkii.  Autofocus is every bit as good as Sony, probably better.  Good selection of lenses if you include Sigma's primes.

It's also a great handling camera with an easy to use menu system and quick set menus. Note that no one complements Sony for its ease of settings.

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