Great deal on an XF - are there cheaper backs?

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Re: Great deal on an XF - are there cheaper backs?

buggz wrote:

I really don't know why everyone is against CCD sensors and desiring super crispy ultra-resolution sensors.
For landscape huge prints, I guess so...

Shrug, it's like anything else, you have to learn how to use the correct tool for your purpose.

For me, CCD has a great appeal, especially for portraiture.
I STILL use, and LOVE my Kodak SLR/C.

I recently purchased a super low count Mamiya DM33 digital back.
Originally intended to use with my Mamiya RZ67 Pro II, which works FANTASTIC, I have since purchased a Phase One DF+ body, and this combo is also FANTASTIC for me.

Yes, I have a Fuji GFX50R, but I really LOVE the renders of CCD sensors.
I don't think I will EVER to be able to afford a GFX100, especially now, we were just cut 20% of our salary, for me, that is a huge cut.

I STILL long for a fat pixel CCD digital back.
However, since these are really old, and well used, I will probably never get one, sigh...

+1 !

I have a PhaseOne IQ180 and I love it to bits.

Sure it is cumbersome (being a glutton for punishment, I use it with a H5X body) and has all the speed / ISO (I really try to use it at ISO 35 whenever I can and consider ISO 200 acceptable) / DR / AF limitations we know about...

But I use it 99% for editorial fashion shoots under controlled lightning and it works for me there. I love its output and especially the colors. No I do not have scientific comparisons... this is my hobby and the only criteria for me is my personal enjoyment and the satisfaction of the teams I shoot with.

For other type of shooting I do (travel, family) I use my Canon and that covers me. I have used the MF rig for travel / family occasionally but the size / weight / fragility / stress / DR / ISO / AF limitations make those exceptions.

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