Fuji X 50-230... What an underestimated lens!!

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Re: Fuji X 50-230... What an underestimated lens!!

It may be a good night time street lens when there's bright lights but it hunts harder than a starving peasant when it hasn't got enough light.its just not my copy because I own 3 and all are similar.The 16/50 and 15/45 suffer the same fate(have 2 of each).

You know you can cheat and use it in manual in darker conditions, I do know what you mean by hunting. Basically all the award photos you have seen roughly prior to 1985 were manual focus.  Street photography born in the streets of France were all manual focus until latter into the early 1990's.

Those National Geographic, Time and Life magazine photos were taken with manual focus. And to add to the trivia, almost all with film at 100 ASA (ISO) or less.

I owned the first Canon lens with image stabilization, the 75-300 which hunted even worse than the 50 - 230.  I remember try to shoot skate boarders at a skate park making jumps at sunset. My Canon lens was forever zooming in and out. I kicked myself latter for not using manual focus instead of waiting for the camera/lens to miss its mark.

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According to Manny Faber, there are "termite artists" who shoot in obscurity pursuing an inner vision others can't see (think Vivian Maier). And there are "white elephant artists" who shout out with technique and vision for all to see (think Ansel Adams). Which one you are doesn't matter, both have produced fine art.

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