Off-camera zoom flash coverage question

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Re: Off-camera zoom flash coverage question

DoroD wrote:

Hi techjedi,

Thanks a lot for the super detailed and very Illustrative explanation. Option B seems like the way to go.

There is something very interesting that you said that caught my attention. It seems that your Godox combination (trigger and flash) allows you to make modifications in option A and B directly from the trigger when the flash is off camera (Whether option A makes sense or not) and the slave flash follows?

Im not expert by any means, but for what I have been playing around with the Canon trigger it does not have a menu to change an off-camera flash zoom (auto, manual, it does not matter...) It seems the only option is to change things manually on the flash.

Let’s say you put an off camera flash at the same physical distance as your camera is from the subject, set up the focal distance on your camera to 135mm and want to set up your flash at the same zoom from the Canon trigger to can’t! You have to go into the flash and do it manually there 🙂.

This is correct. The Godox Xpro trigger lets you control almost every feature remotely. Further, these settings can be controlled per group. So you could have 2 off camera flashes at a fixed zoom level configured on the trigger in group A, then you could have a single flash in group B mounted to a handheld cage offset with the camera that had zoom configured as auto to match the camera zoom, etc.

I looked at the manual for your Canon trigger and it looks like it just doesn't support any zoom control. Godox does make their system for Canon as well. The Godox TT685C and Xpro-C trigger would be the reasonable alternatives to your Canon OEM flash system and would support this.

To be fair, Canon is a camera company and makes solid quality speedlites for their cameras, but they are not in the business of making a comprehensive portfolio of strobes. Godox is a lighting company and have the diversity to match their business focus.

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