Fuji X 50-230... What an underestimated lens!!

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Re: Fuji X 50-230... What an underestimated lens!!

First I have a full frame Canon with 4 "L" lenses, keeps the snobs happy, also some non L lens and some quite good Sigma lenses. This is my way to say I know what good images coming out of an excellent lens looks like. And to be a little snobby...lol.

The party line on this lens is it isn't a good night time street lens, and this is patently false as I will demonstrate in a video. The guy took his lens to Seattle and shot it at night in the downtown area. I think you will admit decent photos.

The lens has excellent glass, all you need to be concerned about. The build quality isn't going to set the world on fire but it works. The stabilization on it is some of the best stabilization I have ever used. I use it on a X T1. I also have four Fuji primes from 14 to 60 mm.

Don't let others talk you out of this lens, it is a decent lens, I know it is quite capable of producing award winning photos - promise.

Now onto the video:


And another one of the 50 - 230 with an astro tracker night shots, you'll like:


And here are some crappy photos taken with this lens.... lol!


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According to Manny Faber, there are "termite artists" who shoot in obscurity pursuing an inner vision others can't see (think Vivian Maier). And there are "white elephant artists" who shout out with technique and vision for all to see (think Ansel Adams). Which one you are doesn't matter, both have produced fine art.

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