Abandon "likes" a good of a bad idea?

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Abandon "likes" a good of a bad idea?

I have been using dpreview from way back when you could send an email to Phil Askey - and he would actually on occasion answer ...

When the thumbs-up was introduced, I thought it was to satisfy the like-gatherers, you post a pic and get 27 likes. Feels good right? On closer inspection you might get those 27 likes from people who you also like in your little bubble. Who knows.

The dynamics of "likes" have always intrigued be and not in a good way: there was a question regarding a particular feature of a camera. "Google it" was the first response - and it started hailing likes. RTFM another one that originally got you a lot of likes.

Those items wore off after a while and now the dynamics have shifted. Some people always seem to side with the likeable characters in a forum and some with the most controversial. The benefits? Dunno.

I caught myself looking at certain threads and then I only read the top scorers. Like the news items where the categories are - among others - Most Popular.

Would one not want to be under that topic?

So what exactly are the benefits of this thumbs-up culture. I keep on seeing screen grabs of Twitter accounts where a person only has to say a word in order to get 400.000 likes within minutes. More even, depending on how offensive the word is. Or outrageous.

Will leave it at that, couldn't help thinking that maybe the first person to reply would write something along the lines of me trying to indulge in my own ego and then this person would get 150 "likes" ...

Possible. Bot of little consequence, except: I wouldn't be surprised.

And that says it all. For me.

Thanks for participating! I am aware that the black & white options are a bit crude but since you can't give half a thumbs up, I think this is a case where a truly binary approach would be so far off.


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Thumbs-ups are good because I can express my liking for a certain post. I am aware that I could write a reply, but a thumbs up is quicker.
82.8% 48  votes
Thumbs-ups are bad because it emphasises on numbers. I am aware that I could of can write a reply.
17.2% 10  votes
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