Use your Fuji custom colors as a base in capture One

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Re: Use your Fuji custom colors as a base in capture One

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I used customed film simulation on my xt30 and I would like to know if it is possible to keep it when I import raws in capture One in order to edit my pictures?


Basically no. Capture One does provide their own simulations of Fuji's film simulations but the camera processing of JPEG images only applies to those JPEGs and is not a component of a raw capture.

Could I just check if I have understood this correctly?

If I apply a B&W profile in camera - say Acros - when I open that RAW in C1, it will appear as B&W - the Curve in Base Characteristics will show as Auto (i.e. as shot) - but I can select other profiles and they will cause the image as displayed in C1 to change according to that profile (or maybe more accurately, as per C1's version of the profile?). If I select Acros, the image does not change. I have tried this many times and this is what sets to happen.

So would it be accurate to say that whilst the simulation chosen in camera is baked into a JPEG, the profile is stored in the corresponding RAW,

Stored in the raw is a notation of what profile was used. The distinction being that what you'll see in the raw converter is the raw converter vendor's simulation of the Fuji simulation. When C1 shows you a B&W version and applies the simulation Acros you're seeing C1's version of Acros.

it displays as per that profile set in camera when you open it in C1 but it can very easily be changed to another profile/sim?

Correct. C1 is making an effort to support Fuji users and so they've done the work to provide their own versions of all the film sims that are supplied with Fuji cameras. Other vendors (LR, Silkypix) do the same.

Very happy to be corrected if I have got this wrong!!

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