How much video do you shoot?

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How much video do you shoot?

I'm pretty sure there was a similar poll done here before, but not recently. So let's try it again.

Lately, there seems to be a lot of emphasis on new camera's video capability. Especially considering all the debates over FAS vs tilt screens and all the video centric reviews done by Chris and Jordan on this site. Plus video seems to be getting more and more ink on new product reviews. So it makes me wonder if a majority of us are video shooters.

Select the response that is closest to how you feel:

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Hardly any - "I use my camera's video mode once or twice a year. Just to see if it works. I might even be happy with a camera that had no video ability"
69.3% 88  votes
Sometimes - "I do use my camera's video mode a bit, but I mostly shoot stills. Perhaps 20% of the time I use my camera for videos."
17.3% 22  votes
Around half the time - "I take just as many videos as I do stills. For me, video and still capability are both equally important in a camera."
5.5% 7  votes
A lot of the time - "I use my camera mostly to shoot video, but I still take plenty of stills."
7.1% 9  votes
Almost exclusively - "I hardly ever take still photos. If a camera can't do 4K 60p, then I am just not interested in it."
0.8% 1  vote
What camera? - "My smartphone does everything I want it to do. You old people can cling to your obsolete devices, but for me the smartphone is all the camera I will ever need."
0.0% 0  votes
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