Canon 5d Mark 2 and Canon 70d

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John Sheehy Forum Pro • Posts: 23,666
Re: 5d mk ii is a great option.

Rakumi wrote:

It is a great camera for photography. As far as video, it is a legend. A piece of history. It is functional for video but doee not have the features of today but it was the first DSLR to have video and began the idea of using such a setup for professional work. But you said it will be used for still photos and with your specific lens setup, it works perfect.

It was legendary because it allowed people to use fast lenses with a large sensor, for shallow DOF, not otherwise available for consumer video.  However, the 5D2's video is quite aliased, with harsh line-skipping, unless you have a soft lens, or insert a snap-in video AA filter.

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