XF vs GF lenses

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XF vs GF lenses

Hi all,

This is my first post, but I have followed this forum for several years, and love it! Please be kind and understanding with my writing as English is not my mother tongue.

Currently a Fujifilm X amateur user with 10 XF lens and 5 third parties lens, I am considering buying a GFX R and some lenses to increase the pleasure of using my gear and to take more beautiful pictures even with my very limited skill and experience

My question is genuine and maybe a bit naive, because talent is more important than gear.

I would like to have some feedback from users of both system about the benefits of GF vs XF lenses.

I find that the Fujifilm X resolution is more than adequate for my use. My main interest is the "rendering": do GF lenses render an image more beautifuly than XF lenses? Contrast, saturation, focus fall off, color transition, bokeh creaminess...

I know this is a highly subjective matter, but this is the reason why I ask the question on this forum!

The 35mm, 40mm and 85 mm FF equivalent FL are the one I mostly used. Any direct comparison of the same subject, same distance, same light, same shutter speed, same equivalent aperture (XF f1.4 vs GF f2.8) between:

- XF23mm f1.4 and GF 45mm f2.8

- XF27mm f2.8 and GF 50mm f3.5

- XF56mm f1.2 and GF 110m f2.0

would be highly appreciated.

My subjects: candide portraits, travel, food, family&event. No plan getting paid jobs, only an (expensive!) hobby.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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