Changing almost full ink cartridges Canon PRO-1000

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Re: Changing almost full ink cartridges Canon PRO-1000

Ken60 wrote:

Though I am not a Canon engineer , I understand that the ink from your carts is pumped ( no gravity as sit too low) into an upper tank from where they feed to the head. So if you move the printer this can leak from these upper tanks.... this is where you hear them being agitated or churned to keep the stuff mixed. When ink is pumped to the upper tank, this is measured and the amount tells when your lower storage is empty. If you place a full lower cart into a machine that has pumped 40ml of its 80ml , I can see the error forming, because it thinks there is only 40ml left.

I understand that unlike the gravity fed printers , where a break in the ink flow can cause air in the lines and head ( big issue) this system always maintains the flow to the head even when the lower cart is empty..... this is because the upper storage still contains ink.

By my understanding the carts are self sealing and if you are worried about drying out place in clingfilm in a sealed plastic bag. As for the refurbished , all sorts of things come to mind , but if one were broken in transit ( plastic damage) and that bit was replaced ... though the print head never used , would it be a problem ? Will the head be in a box NEW and never used ? The Queen of England only gets a new car once it has done 40,000 miles they say ......... this is to run it in and ensure there will be no chance of a part failing !

Best of luck .

If Canon were to send you a replacement Pro-1000 the way it works is inside the box the body of the unit would be refurbished. However, it would come with a brand new never opened Print Head to install as you would when a unit is new. Also a new pack of all the inks never opened would be included. The only thing NOT virgin new from the factory is the body. That would not, I expect, be much of an issue in the long run. At least the print head and inks are all spanking brand new to start off with.

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