P900/950 or B700 owners please help!

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Re: P900/950 or B700 owners please help!

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OutsideTheMatrix wrote:

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Wow! I think Nikon has excelled at digital zoom algorithms.

P1000 @ 12000mm. It's beyond imagination!

B700 @ 1440mm looks a little soft! Looks like the P950 lens is sharper.

If the P950s price drops below 1K I'll get one for sure.

I just did a quick test with the P900 at full zoom and digital zooms (both 2x dynamic and 4x):

at full optical zoom- f/7.1 resulted in the best image, at 2x f/7.1 was again the clear winner, but at 4x for some odd reason it came in last, with f/8 first and f/6.5 a close second......

Did you use tripod?

I don't think I can capture good photos beyond 2000mm handheld.

I'm redoing the test at 4x (8000mm EFL), making the shutter speed 1/500 sec instead of the 1/250 sec it was for the other two (which were 2000mm and 4000mm).....those were acceptably sharp but I think a 1/250 sec shutter speed is too much to ask for, even from this camera, at 8000mm EFL!

I looked at the the sample galleries of the P900, B700 and P950 at their long end of the zoom and pixel peeped to 100%. The image looks average but still acceptable. On the other hand the Sony RX10 III and Panasonic FZ1000 II with their 1" sensor are a head & shoulder above them.

I think for printing purposes the tiny 1/2.3" sensor will benefit from less pixels (i.e max 12MP).

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