Should i buy Sigma 60-600mm Or Canon 100-400 mkII, Need advice

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Re: Garbage website

drip01 wrote:

And the 150-600 Sport is a lot better than the 600/4 I

Nonsense. Look at the page you linked to. Pass the mouse over the image and watch how the arrow above it changes to indicate which lens you are seeing results from. You will see that:

The centre is much the same either way. Most people wouldn't pick either lens based simply on that - until they realise that you have massively tilted the playing field by setting the Sigma lens at f/6.3 and the Canon at f/4! All you have achieved with this link is to demonstrate how much better the Canon lens really is - even with a massive 1.3 stop handicap, it matches the Sigma.

(Before anyone says "oh, but look at the price difference", there actually isn't much of one. This is the OLD 600/4 and you can pick them up at for a few thousand these days. And they are built like tanks, so they seldom go wrong.)

Now look at the mid-frame results (still at f/4 vs f/6.3). The old Canon is much better than the Sigma.

Next, look at the corners. Or, in the case of the Sigma, don't look at the corners, because they are awful. The 600/4 is massively better.

Finally, start over. Do the comparison properly, by setting the apertures to the same value. (Or as close as you can, which is f/6.3 for the Sigma and f/5.6 for the Canon. Yes, we are giving the Sigma an advantage here, but let's call that near enough.) What we get is an across-the-board wipeout. The Sigma is inferior in every way.

So let's try f/8. Result: the 600/4 is superior everywhere, somewhat in the centre, enormously so at the corners. F/11? Same thing. F/16? Same again.

The Sigma is not " a lot better". It's not "better". It's not even "worse". It's a lot worse. Visit the page in the ink above and see for yourself.

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