Easy-to-use APS-C travel and family camera at ~$500 to $1000 (Fuji X-A7?)

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Re: Easy-to-use APS-C travel and family camera at ~$500 to $1000 (Fuji X-A7?)

Cato1040 wrote:

effer wrote:

Fujis are lovely, but it is tough to beat Sony when it comes to getting the best bang for your buck for family use. Especially if you're in USA.

I would go for:

Sony A6100
Sony 18-135mm
Sigma 16mm F1.4

This would be a pretty good kit too that lets you go from 24mm to about 200mm.

A6100 was on sale for less than $500 with EDU discount or through greentoe. The sale is currently over, but I still suggest to try greentoe, and you should be able to pick it up for less than current advertised price of $600.

Sony 18-135mm unfortunately is not offered as a kit with A6100, but you can pick it up on ebay for about $350-$450.

You could also potentially try to bargain in certain camera shops to make a kit like that. Won't be as cheap as buying used though.

Sigma 16mm F1.4 was on sale 5 days ago for $320. It also sometimes goes for $340 bundled with some other stuff (like extra batteries, SD cards etc).

With a bit of patience you can put together this kit for about $1200.

It does cost more than the kit I presented and has a more limited reach, but could have enough reach and should offer better image quality potential.

Sony's AF tracking is still quite a bit better than Fuji's.
EVF is not very good, but you don't consider it important anyways.
One thing that would bug me a lot on A6100 is the lack of "Auto ISO min SS" setting. I believe A6100 doesn't have it. To me it is very important, but I don't know if it is to you.

This is pretty annoying and hopefully something they'll fix with a firmware update.

This a big maybe. Sony intentionally handicapped A6100 camera. "Auto ISO min SS" is just one of the handicaps. I wouldn't count on firmware update to fix it. It's not that they couldn't offer it from the start. They just didn't want to.

I would stay away from Sony 16-50mm + 55-210mm.
18-135mm is better choice in my opinion. It is fairly small, sharp and very versatile. Fuji counterpart costs more and not as good.

I mainly suggested the 16-50mm + 55-210mm combo because it actually fits in their budget and offers a lot of zoom. Also, for many beginners, the image quality from the lens may not be as big a factor. I know many people who use the 16-50mm kit lens and are happy with it and appreciate the size.

I agree. Different folks have different needs/wants and IQ tolerance. I just think that average Joe would be more happy with 18-135mm vs 16-50mm + 55-210mm combo.

Sigma 16mm is awesome for indoors, low light, landscapes and environmental portraits. Again Fuji counterpart costs a lot more.

It can be frustrating for users that Fujifilm does not share its autofocusing system information with third-party manufacturers.

I think that at least one fast prime (like Sigma 16mm F1.4) will take family photography to a next level. This would be substantially better than smartphone or kit lenses. If going with Fuji I would suggest to budget for Viltrox 23mm F1.4 or at least F2 prime from Fuji, but then you will have not much left for a zoom.

Night photography walking in towns & cities won't be better just because of APS-C sensor. It needs to be paired with a fast lens.

With A6100 + 18-135mm + 16mm 1.4 you can cover a lot.

Lastly, check out Canon mirrorless. It's been a while since I looked at their budget offerings, so don't know exactly what to recommend. Canon runs sales fairly often, and you can get a nice kit if you find body that suits your needs. They have Sigma lenses and some good budget Canon glass. AF tracking is not as good as Sony's.

They do offer good prices on beginner kits, but don't offer as as Sony or Fujifilm much if you decide to upgrade lenses later.

This really depends on the upgrade path. In some ways I would be more happy with lens selection for Canon. Canon M has the same excellent Sigma trio. Canon has a lot less expensive UWA option (11-22mm) and better, less expensive street lens (22mm). For longer reach one can always use an adapter and existing EF glass with native performance. If Canon would offer a body with AF comparable to A6100, I would recommend it to all the beginners.

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