Changing almost full ink cartridges Canon PRO-1000

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Re: Changing almost full ink cartridges Canon PRO-1000

mujana wrote:

The "click" mechanism of one of the cartridges doesn't work as it should; I literally had to pull out the red ink cartridge 2 weeks ago, and push a new one in (no audible click). After that, the printer works fine, but Canon Repair told me that it' s still in guarantee and they will deliver a new PRO-1000. That's of course great customer service!

But....the "problem" is, that I installed a complete new set of inks just 2 weeks ago. When I get my new PRO-1000 there will be a complete set of inks with it ofcourse, but for installing this new printer these cartridges will empty themselves at least half. I asked Canon, if they could add an extra set of cartridges (next to those that come with the printer ofcourse). Well, they can' t do that, but they told me that I can keep the already installed ink. Great...but can I just take them out and save them until Monday?

So, that's my question.....can I take out those already installed almost full cartridges and place them in the PRO-1000 that' s delivered on Monday? With no problems?

Canon Tech Support is closed , so I cannot phone them (same tomorrow).

Anyone experiences with this? Is it comparable to taking out full ink cartridges when moving the printer?

Thank you

First no I've never experienced this. 2nd you most certainly CAN remove a cartridge anytime you wish no matter how full or used it is. Also be aware they are going to send you a "Refurbished" Pro-1000 NOT a brand spankin never been touched since manufacture unit. It's their policy. As is all manufacturers. Sadly if you have a new bad one, they send you essentially a reworked used one to replace it. Oh well. Can't have it all I guess.

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