I sold my Canon gear - getting a X-T4/GFX50 - Lenses

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Re: I sold my Canon gear - getting a X-T4/GFX50 - Lenses

gruncharov wrote:

I am quite sure that it's just a question of time until Fuji makes a step into the full-frame market - it's quite a tasty marketshare - and Fuji has the means to do so.

Being "done" with Canon - it's just pure frustration about their R&D.


Well, Fujifilm is quite a small company, when it come to the photography market. It would be pretty suicidal for them to try to squeeze into the already overcrowded FF segment. They found a nice niche in the APS-C and medium format segments.

I´ve used my Canon 16-35 II with good success on a Sony A7 I. You can get used to their handling and the menues and the amount of programmable function buttons (from A7 II on) is actually quite nice.

The biggest problem with Canon is, that they think they can charge prices for FF cameras that were common maybe several years ago and there basically are no used Canon FF bodies with decent raw DR (the 5D IV is not bad in this regard, but still pretty expensive). The RP is clearly just a placeholder, either they didn´t have a decent new sensor at the time or didn´t want to use it in their 1. generation ML FF cameras, ignoring the sign of the times. They could actually hurt Fuji´s and Sony´s sales with a decent RP II, but there is no sign of one on the horizon, which I find incomprehensible.

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